Fireworks are something we rarely have the opportunity to see, and when we do they are usually small store bought items that aren’t really all that impressive. We here at Pyrotek FX want to change that. We want to bring the wonders of fireworks to every occasion. Our team of trained pyro technicians knows how to put on an amazing display that will leave you in awe.

Our displays range greatly in size from small indoor shows, to some of the largest shows in Australia. Our shows are also completely customizable. We want to bring you, the customer, the best experience possible so we allow you to assist in the decision process of making an amazing show. Once your show is created we will come to you and set up everything that is needed for an amazing show.
We provide fireworks shows for many different events, which can be found below.


Bring the explosive beauty of a fireworks show to your event, and make it truly memorable. Contact us today to set up your own personalized show today.