If you are launching a new product or just want to impress you customers, allow Pyrotek FX make a custom corporate fireworks display for you. We offer corporate customers the ability to create a custom corporate fireworks show that compliments your business in every way possible. We will set up the display and bring the WOW factor to your event leaving your consumers in awe; but most importantly, more eager to purchase the amazing products offered by your company. If you are purchasing a corporate fireworks show for a special event geared towards your employee’s, nothing raises worker moral more than an amazing fireworks display. Excite your employees and make them more eager to complete their work.

Our fireworks shows range from small indoor events to some of the largest shows in Australia. We will make sure that we leave both you and your audience happy, and turn your party into the event people talk about for years to come.

If you’re interested in setting up a corporate fireworks event please contact us. We’ll be sure to help you throughout the entire planning phase and make your event truly special.