At Pyrotek FX we care about animal safety and would like to give some suggestions bellow to help people care for their pets during firework displays.

Before any show where there will be loud noises heard by neighboring houses we will drop off a pamphlet which will advise you of the display, usually this is 7 days before the display.

We know that some animals react badly to firework displays and the following tips may help calm your pet. There are medications your vet can prescribe but the tips bellow are easy and don’t require a vet visit.




  • There are some products on the market that calm dogs using lavender smells and other smells, these may help your dog.
  • Some natural lavender, rose or chamomile oil may be used to calm your dog down (lavender is best). Go online to see how and how much to apply to your pet, and about any allergies your dog may have that using the oil won’t be good for.
  • Make sure your dog gets plenty of exercise that day.
  • Bring your dogs inside and stay with them, a familiar touch will keep them calmer.
  • Make sure a safe place that your dog knows is easily available inside such as its bed, a bath tub or a crate.
  • Close all windows and curtains that are facing the firework display, the visual stimulation can scare dogs as much as the noise.
  • Put your dog’s collar on them with the ID tags. Just in case they manage to escape, they will be much easier to track down.
  • Keep your dog entertained with its favorite toy or a long lasting treat.
  • Do not bring your dog to a firework display, they will not enjoy it like people do.
  • Turning on the TV or radio with some calming music to drown out the noise can also help.



  • If your cat has hidden himself somewhere, leave them there. They feel safe in this spot and are likely to leave when they are no longer scared.
  • Make sure your cat is inside during the firework displays, locking cat flaps and other ways for your cat to leave the house from the morning of the display is a good way to ensure its safe during the display.
  • Ensure your cat is microchipped, this will help you track down your cat if they were to run away.
  • Ensure your cat has a clean litter tray.
  • Close windows and curtains so that the firework display is quieter inside, turning on the TV or radio to drown out the noise can also help.
  • Do not pick up your cat if it appears fearful, cats prefer to be left alone when they are afraid.
  • Stay calm, your cat will notice if you are excited or showing any other kind of emotion, act normally and your cat will feel safer.


Small Animals (Birds, Rabbits, Mice):

  • Keep the pet inside.
  • Cover the cage with a sheet or towel.
  • Play music to drown out the firework noises.
  • Keep calm, if you are calm, your pet will stay calm.


Farm Animals:

  • Visit your local vet for suggestions on how to keep farm animals calm.