The future is fast approaching, and the best way to capture those precious moments with a full 360 degree video, with our specialized cameras we can do that for you. Our team will come to your event, will record all the best moments, stream them live for family and friends who were unable to make it and then edit a video for you to watch for years to come.


With 360 videos you can have a view of everything around you so you wont miss even the smallest detail, our cameras will be mounted above to see all the best moments, and/or we can move them around from table to table to get messages from loved ones and for every person to be seen. The best thing is, your phone, tablet and computer are already capable of watching these videos and moving the video with your finger or mouse lets you look around.


All of us have family and friends that cant share the most memorable moments with us, up until now. Those that miss out have to wait to see photos and videos but its always viewed from the point of view of the person taking the photos and videos. Now those people that miss out can feel like they are there with you, viewing those moments in virtual reality. With our live streaming, your “guests” wont need to wait to see what happened at your event.


Contact us to organise your 360 Video services and make it an event you wont forget.